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I’ve conquered Kokoda!

So far, I have helped Soldier On fund:


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sessions support the mental health of our brave veterans to help them march on.

Support My Challenge to Save Lives.

This March, I am conquering 96km to support Soldier On's life-saving mental health services to help our brave veterans and their families.

Why 96km? Because I'm taking on the length of the Kokoda Track to honour the courage and sacrifice of our veterans, both past and present.

Please support my challenge to prevent veteran suicide and help save lives.

Together, we can help our heroes march on.

Thanks so much for your support.

My Achievements

My Updates

20th Day - Last day of my challenge!

Sunday 20th Mar
I have decided to finish the challenge I have accepted today! 

Pushed myself to do as much as I can and I did it!

Thanks everyone who sponsored this challenge, it is not too late to sponsor this challenge so I will share my fundraising page as much as I can, please share this to your friends and families as well, thanks so much!

19th Day - Quick Walk (not counted)

Sunday 20th Mar
Though I did not count my walk on this day - it's probably just a few km. I wanted to share this photo of a calm, peaceful night at Semaphore jetty. The moon was amazingly beautiful and the jetty was surrounded by lots of fish!

16th Day - Indoor Cycling

Sunday 20th Mar
I have been sick for a couple of days hence I skipped my daily quota for 2 days, but I pushed myself to do 10km and it was worth it!

13th Day - Port Giles morning walk

Sunday 13th Mar
Still at Port Giles and same setup as last night, walk back and forth until I get tired :)

12th Day - Port Giles Night Walk

Sunday 13th Mar
It’s long weekend! And apart from finishing off the game I have been playing (Days Gone on PS4), my other plan is to dragged myself to go fishing with my parents at Port Giles. I have walked from the parking lot to the jetty and back multiple times for this challenge! :) The night was quiet and peaceful so I didn’t feel tired walking :)

11th of March - The cycling time!

Friday 11th Mar
After going home from work, I have decided to take the challenge on straight away! Since there are people in the living room and do not want them to see a sweaty girl on the treadmill, decided to do spinning in my room whilst doing something else - I like multi-tasking especially when doing physical exercise, your brain thinks of something else other than "I'm tired"!

10th of March - Walk the dog!

Friday 11th Mar
Great weather and Girly was keen to do the challenge with me :) 

Day 9 - Indoor Cycling

Thursday 10th Mar
Feeling a bit fatigue, hence doing trying to have extra hour or so to do the challenge at home. 

Weather is getting colder as well! So time to do extra kms everyday!

Day 8 - Indoor Cycling

Tuesday 8th Mar
I have had a busy Monday night so planned to do an indoor cycling for this challenge! 

day 7 - Adelaide Fringe

Tuesday 8th Mar
The only walk I have counted yesterday was the walk from where I have parked to the fringe, back and forth! I did not include the walk at the Fringe since I have enjoyed it with friends and I don't think it should be included on this challenge! Would like to challenge myself doing extra walk everyday not including any day to day walk "normal" walk.

6th Day - Port Adelaide

Sunday 6th Mar
It was a nice weather to go for a walk, a bit chilly but it was amazing. Saw jelly fish and dolphin as well!

5th Day - Walkies after night out

Saturday 5th Mar
Another indoor walk since I don't want to add all the walk I have had during the night out with friends. I have dedicated to push myself and accomplish 96km without counting my normal walk during the day.

You can see on the photo that I have played Brooklyn 99 whilst walking to concentrate my brain on the show rather than the walk since I have had a huge night and walked for hours! Was tired when I got home but still pushed myself to do my minimum quota!

4th Day - Indoors Walk Again

Friday 4th Mar
Weather didn't look so great hence indoor walk again! 
Road to 96km! Lets go!

P.S. I only did minimum quota today and expecting to do more during the weekends.

3rd Day @Semaphore-Largs Bay Walk

Thursday 3rd Mar
Today my friends and I decided to go for a walk at Semaphore, of course we ate at the Manila Restaurant first before walking. We have consumed some Filipino street foods and delicacy prior to starting our long walk from Semaphore jetty to Largs Bay jetty then back to Semaphore where we parked. 

2nd Day - Night Walk

Wednesday 2nd Mar
Since I have got a friend who spontaneously booked a trip to Adelaide, we did a night walk at Mawson Lakes! The walk took longer since we had a lot to chat about. It was great going through the journey with someone as you wouldn't think you could walk that far whilst chatting.

Tuesday 1st March Part 2

Wednesday 2nd Mar
Look who's excited to go for a walk after I've done my walk qouta for the day! She was very excited as soon as I grabbed her leash! She also ensured that we were going out so she went straight to the front door before she let me leash her! It was another 30mins of walk on the first day of the challenge.

First Day of the Challenge!

Tuesday 1st Mar
I started off the challenge walking indoors, while watching one of my favorite anime movie Howl's moving castle. Was thinking of finishing off the movie while walking but it was quite a challenge since the movie is 2 hours long! I have managed to walk continuously for 39 minutes which is approximately 3.93km based on the speed! Great start for the challenge and looking forward to consistently do this everyday! Also, looking forward to hike as well during the weekends.

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Well done Christine!




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Hi Christine, Thanks for helping out with this important issue and congrats for reaching out your Goal, Well Done! Regards Luis.