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I’ve conquered Kokoda!

So far, I have helped Soldier On fund:


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sessions support the mental health of our brave veterans to help them march on.

Support My Challenge to Save Lives.

This March, I am conquering 96km to support Soldier On's life-saving mental health services to help our brave veterans and their families.

Why 96km? Because I'm taking on the length of the Kokoda Track to honour the courage and sacrifice of our veterans, both past and present.

Please support my challenge to prevent veteran suicide and help save lives.

Together, we can help our heroes march on.

Thanks so much for your support.

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Last 2 days

Thursday 31st Mar

Last 2 days

Thursday 31st Mar

Last 2 days

Thursday 31st Mar


Thursday 31st Mar
Well girls and guys the end is here, 2022 March on challenge finishes tonight, we have made a huge impact towards this course. There’s no I in team, my part was easy just go around and around, as a team you guys have dug deep and raised $6,146 bucks! 
(My goal was $500!) that’s seriously awesome!

Where will your funds go? (prospectively)
- 512 Peer support sessions
- 307 employment support sessions
- 38 psychology sessions

Firstly setting out on this challenge 96km was far from achievable by only pushing my chair so I opted for three motives chair, skierg, bike. Well after a warn out tyre, 1 flat tyre, castor wheel bearing Issue and some battle wounds we got there, and some!

Skierg- 15km
Hand cycle - 20km
Pushing - 96km
A total of 131km’s month to date!! Doubting myself seem to work (the last 10k’s over the past 2 nights)

The March on challenge has 7,128 participants, as I write this, combined we have marched 402,166 km‘s for our vets and raised $1,783.186!

It’s being a pleasure to be able to do this, thank you for all the donations you’ve all bloody awesome. 
Tonight I’m cracking a frothy or 2, cheers 🍻

***If I can do it, you 👉 can 👊***

Day 25

Friday 25th Mar
No big hills today just slight inclines over five k’s

Day 24

Friday 25th Mar

Day 24 we finally have sun

Friday 25th Mar

Day 24, 25

Friday 25th Mar
Day 24 there’s a cyclone building off the coast and the weather straightening with a light sprinkle here and there last night was successful so let’s crack on get the job done tonight, honestly what am I thinking I found myself at the base of the road to nowhere again, ain’t gonna get up there by looking at it – three stops again this time wearing a fly net to eliminate those pasty buggers. Brought some gloves with me tonight put on for my decent to stop my hands from smoking man they make a difference, another 4K tonight total 113 km.
Day 25 I woke up pretty sore this morning The aching arms and body wake me up throughout the night but that talks cheap let’s just get it done early this morning, I looked at that dreaded Hill but I was seriously feeling it and didn’t want to hurt myself so it was on the flat track with a few inclines nothing major punched out 5 km in one hour pretty happy with that, nothing this afternoon I think I might even crack a couple of Coldies 🍻
We had a huge donation last night from Black Magic Race Cars we are so grateful for every cent we receive and get this whopper you are awesome all of you thank you kindly 🙏
Tough times don’t last tough people don’t either, just get out there and get the job done.

Day 23 reached 101km’s!

Thursday 24th Mar
Up the dreaded Road to know where Hill and Tom Price again, 220 m of uphill over 23 m elevation my hands are smoking! Managed another 4 km tonight

Day 21,22

Wednesday 23rd Mar
Day 21, 22 of the March on Challenge “For our Vets”
Day 21, it’s bloody raining!! At physio I had a grand plan to ask Indra from Tom Price Physio to do the final leg with me pushing - Indra walking, adding in - let’s finish it by climbing a 220m road elevating 23m “Famous road to nowhere in Tom Price” seemed like a good idea laying in the air con room..
Day 22, it’s not looking outside but we can’t hold off for ever, let’s hit it! No one can explain a quads body one day fine, the next a niggling drama, today somethings triggering bad spasms the harder I push the more it’s trying to throw me out of my chair it’s a shit feeling but we’ve got to get this done! A promise is a promise we hit the path then hill. What the…. was I thinking yesterday making this promise, The winds up the flies are hideous and I’ve got Indra next to me calling me a little B….. C’mon! It wasn’t  smooth sailing up the hill but we made it, we decided to head back home and get a fly net before heading out to finish off the necessary 4k’s, we chose an incline route for majority of the way I won’t lie the arms of screaming tonight,
Boom we’ve made it, pounded the path for 96kms the length of the Kokoda track, i’m bloody stoked I checked the website and we’ve cracked $3000! Thank you so much to everyone, as I said the other day, will keep going until the end of March, dig deep - see how we finish up $$$ 👍👍

To date with your generosity we can help,
-250 Peer support sessions
-150 employment support
-19 psychology sessions

Couple of pics & vids, you can hear the flys buzzing! Oh and the creaking noise you can hear that’s not my chair as my arms I reckon!

Day 20 5k push

Sunday 20th Mar

Day 20 5k push

Sunday 20th Mar

Day 18,19,20

Sunday 20th Mar
Day 18,19,20 march on challenge.
Day 18, no kilometres achieved today just a session in the gym preparing for D day tomorrow. At a undisclosed location I managed to have a few frothy‘s and get a game plan together! Not only do I want to reach the 96km by pushing another 10km I want to also reach 100km mark which would mean a 13 to 14km push let’s do this.

Day 19, D day arrived - alarm at 4am dressed & ready, won’t lie feeling a little hazy I go to transfer into my chair and it’s wobbling all over the place, i’m thinking maybe something is under the Wheel it’s dark I can’t see, I transfer In and release the break to realise I’ve got a bloody flat tyre you’re joking ha ha Ha! (There may have been some other words said “may”) fair to say the day ended before it started you guessed it I transferred back into bed for a little bit more shut eye I dealing with that this morning!

Day 20, with new joggers and sticky push rims on I set out just after 0630H’s - The sun was up the flies were out it was going to be a ripper, must’ve been kid on a scooter day this morning kids everywhere great to see - dodging and weaving scooters and Bindi‘s probably achieve an overall extra km! I had a few asked me what I was doing and where I was heading some were following me for awhile until they realise how slow I was going and not getting any faster, off they shot! With a new combo I knock three minutes off my 5km time and average speed was up .3 this wheelie was marching!! (Shiny bits go faster 😎)

4KM’s TO GO!!!! 
$132 Bucks off 3k… Common can we do it 🙏

The official march on challenge Paige announced on 19 March the total raised amount is $1.4 million how bloody awesome is that! Remember this is a non-for profit company every cent goes to the end user. 

4km will be a “wheel in the park” - once the 96k done I’ll keep pushing throughput March for our Vets. Cheers guys n girls 

Day 14, 15, 16

Thursday 17th Mar
Day 14, 15, 16, March on Challenge updates.
Day 14, Much needed 80,000km body service at Tom Price Physio getting bent twisted poked relieved.
Day 15, waiting for it to cool after sundown I hit the path, bugger me it’s hot! 37deg and 60% humidity at 7pm - short 3km tonight after seeing a few slithery long worms with teeth warming themselves on the path, headlights on the Wheelchair aren’t real good spotting these guys at the last second gets the heart rate going.
Day 16, another hot night but managed to get a few k’s done, it must’ve been socialise night with a beer in hand , I set out for 3k’s and only achieve 2.. In those 2km I stopped six times for a chat but with no beer for me, it just wasn’t gonna happen tonight although it was good to get some jaw exercise in!
Please keep those donations coming lights at the end of the tunnel - thanks to everyone we are $300 off $3000, bring it on!

Day 12 & 13

Sunday 13th Mar

Day 12 March on Challenge - Saturday. “Struggle town”! Friday night I found myself at our local water hole Uncle Tom’s 🍻 mainly due to bad influences JB Bel Pier Peggy… enough said! With good intentions I set my alarm for early o’clock. Fair to say I’m hazy and any movement will be delayed! Weather forecast cloudy at 10am off we go for a push around 9.30 with clouds building up, I might as well be going backwards seriously this hurts, 1.5kms into it - the suns screaming hot and by now not a cloud in site! Abort mission let’s turn this ship around and head home, I have an 18 meter elevation, off camber path to navigate for 1.5 km, my Pippies are burning inside and out a singlet wasn’t the best choice of clothing nor were the beers the night before ha ha! We are now at Eora Creek which marks 72kms into the 96km trek to Kokoda.

A spectacular creek that runs through a deep gorge, it had terrain that offered favourable conditions for defence in World War II. Many heavy battles occurred here, and it was the site of the largest battle in Australia's advance to Kokoda. 

Our soldiers fought with great courage... but sadly, many lost their lives

Day 13, redemption day! Half a coffee and a mouthful of fire tonic raw apple cider vinegar and chilli I was ready, attacking some of the bigger hills earlier on, watching the red sky get brighter as the sun rise we were making good grounds. Daylight had come and we’ll 5 km down surprisingly feeling good and the flies were awake thank F!! 6, 7, 8km’s okay I’m starting to feel it now with a few more elevations to come heading home, certainly spoke too soon about these bloody flies they’re like protein bars 🤮! My first 10 K push was insight, you can do it you fat bastard I was silently saying.. self motivation on point! BOOM 10km’s in One hour and 50 minutes. I redeemed myself from yesterday’s piss poor efforts! Remember though, it’s not about me I done that for other reasons just like you guys putting your hand in the pockets. It’s 7.30am feels like 2pm, i’m tonguing for a beer ha ha, cheers guys 🍻
82km down, 14km to go.

Days 8 9 10 11 done!

Saturday 12th Mar
Days 8, 9, 10, 11 march on challenge, Tuesday 8th the pressure cooker was at its limit so a recovery day it was. Back into it day 9 with a 5k skierg and much needed shoulder exercise session to get me back on track. Day 10, Blow me down and believe it or not the weather actually come in and it was stormy! No beers though it was straight inside to the skierg pumping out 3 km before noticing a break from the rain, outside we go to pound the quick two k’s whilst spitting (wheelchair n rain don’t work for me!) we reached the 63 km mark, which on the Kokoda is Templeton's Crossing, this is named in remembrance of Captain Sam Templeton of the 39th Battalion.
Day11, what else do you do on your day off? That’s right you get up at 4:30 am get ready and hit the path for a sunrise push before the flies and he turns on, just under 70 minutes of slogging it out we added another 6 km to the trek. We’ve hit a 69 km range and a few more donations now seeing us at $2400 in the donation bucket! Okay enough coral wash from me I’ve got dishes to do, cheers for the support the end is in sight!

Day 5, 6, 7

Tuesday 8th Mar
Day 5, 6 & 7 March on Challenge done, three productive days making grounds!
#5 6km pushing 
#6 4km pushing, 2k ski
#7 9km riding, 4km pushing
Day 7 up at 0500 getting ready then hitting the treadly with local Tom Price physio Indra running! 80% dirt battling rocks. 
Saturday we hit 34.8k mark “Menari” stop, Sun/Mon adding a few more k’s - total 53 clicks and a whooping $2123 bucks 👊 (oh and we’ve broken through the halfway mark!)
Few people asked what the skierg is, added a small clip & happy snaps. Cheers!

Day 6 ski 2km

Sunday 6th Mar

Day 6, 4k push & 2k skierg

Sunday 6th Mar
Set out for a basic 3 km push, due to a car parked on the footpath I was forced to turn around and go the long way home which added one more kilometre, turned out to be a good thing! Flies oh my god flies where do they come from, also contending with March flies now so the body gets a good dose of Bushmans spray before we head out! Finished with a 2k ski to round the total to 40km’s done.

Day 5: 6km push this morning, conquered a few hills which slowed the journey nothing like a little bit of pain!

Saturday 5th Mar

Day 1, 2, 3 done!

Thursday 3rd Mar
Day 1 & 2 were pretty full on for me but made good gains especially since a cyclone is building up north. On the skierg at home is tough but in the ideal environment! My spinal injury doesn’t allow my body to regulate temperature making it tough in our hot climate, so the ski erg indoors is ideal but not as exciting as pushing or hand cycling! Pushing has had its own extra challenges with strong winds building up and a little bit of rain here and there, Tom Price doesn’t have too many street lights to offer, finding some potholes I never knew existed. Day one I had to hide in the bus shelter for five minutes due to the wind just about pushing me backwards! It’s all part of the fun right?! Before I go hero to 0 I thought day three would be good to jump on the hand cycle and trek around town, the load on the body is there but less then pushing and I can get more of a breeze to cool me down on the 35° evenings. We are just over a quarter way through the 96 km so looking good, even better having lots of fun doing it with encouragement along the way which also helps. Will keep you posted, thanks for all the donations!

Day 3

Thursday 3rd Mar
On the Hand cycle this afternoon for a slight break on the body!

Day one push

Tuesday 1st Mar
Day one push 3020 m

Ski progress

Tuesday 1st Mar
I’m taking what I can, 5026 m today

Day 1 man down

Tuesday 1st Mar
Opened myself up putting on my runners, because runners are very important for a bloke in a wheelchair!

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