Natallie Wright

Support My192km Challenge to Prevent Veteran Suicide And Save Lives

I'm at it again! Last year was my first March On Challenge 96km, length of Kokoda track, and nailed it. This March, I have decided to do it again, but return! 192km to support Soldier On's life-saving mental health services to help our brave veterans and their families.

My gorgeous sis and I have teamed up once again, we have got this I am sure. 

Why 192km? Because I'm taking on the length of the Kokoda Track 96km, to honour the courage and sacrifice of our veterans, both past and present, and then challenging myself a bit more and doing the return trek.

Please support my challenge to prevent veteran suicide and help save lives, , I'd really appreciate it. 

Together, we can help our heroes march on.

Thanks so much, Nat. x

My Kokoda Track Journey

So far, I have marched:


35kms until I reach Menari

My Goal To Kokoda


So far, I have helped provide:


peer support




sessions support the mental health of our brave veterans to help them march on.

My Achievements