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I’ve conquered Kokoda!

So far, I have helped Soldier On fund:


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sessions support the mental health of our brave veterans to help them march on.

Support My Challenge to Save Lives.

This March, Simon & I are conquering 96km to support Soldier On's life-saving mental health services to help our brave veterans and their families.

Why 96km? Because I'm taking on the length of the Kokoda Track to honour the courage and sacrifice of our veterans, both past and present.

Please support my challenge to prevent veteran suicide and help save lives.

Together, we can help our heroes march on.

Thanks so much for your support.

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Fundraising Target reached!

Thursday 31st Mar
Thanks to support and generosity of friends and family, i have reached my fundraising goal of 5,000 Aussie Dollars!!!!!! You made the challenge easier for me to do - so thank you soooooo much!

finished the challenge..........

Wednesday 30th Mar
Hi all, just wanted to let you know i finished the 96km challenge off in style. Wilson Trail on HK Island was tough - actually harder than any single day of my Kokoda Track experience in 2018. Cheers for all the support, messages and donations.

Eora Creek Crossing

Tuesday 22nd Mar
Certainly not as big as Templeton's Crossing - but it was slippery and a challenge of sorts..... take me back to April 2018 please, before all this Covid shite.

Templeton's Crossing

Monday 21st Mar
So i got this "badge" notification through before Sundays hike, saying i reached the Templeton's crossing milestone. I remember in 2018 when we reached the same location (but we travelled from North to South). Our group was spread out and we came into camp in 2-3 groups, and it was a very wet day. The two photos don't show how hard the days was, or how rickety the crossing was... some nervous looks on peeps crossing it. We camped by the river after drying out in a local hut....and the return crossing the next morning was doubly scary for those who arrived in the dark. good times.

another saturday hike for Soldier On!

Sunday 20th Mar
19th March (On) on Lamma Island.....not too difficult a day today - good walk, good friends, lovely location.

perfect weather for hiking (part 2)

Monday 14th Mar
Sunday- 13th March (On).... the weekend hiking rolls on, another 15kms hike completed today.
Hong Kong Trail stage 6 (4.5kms) on my Pat Malone, but a walk back up Mt Parker road (3.5kms) to start ??? 
Then met Vicki and Hannah for a Stage 7 (7kms) fairly flat hike until the 695 steps up to the finish line. Ordinarily 695 steps wouldn't be a problem, but at the end of a 30km weekend... legs and lungs were working overtime. 
The attached image was taken whilst walking along the Stage 7 catchment path, taking in the waters between Shek-O & Stanley, not far from the Tai Tam Reservoir Dam Wall.

perfect weather for hiking

Monday 14th Mar
Saturday - 12th March (On).... 15km hike completed today.
Hong Kong Trail stage 4 (7.5kms) with Vicki, who then handed over the batten to Dave Stanton for Stage 5 (4kms) and the walk down Mt Parker road (3.5kms) for a well earned beverage or 4. The attached image was taken from the highest point of stage 5, looking south towards Shek-O & Stanley.

3rd hike completed

Monday 7th Mar
6th of March "March On" continues... hike no. 3 done of 8 planned hikes to cover the Kokoda 96kms.
Lantau Island again - Ngong Ping 360 Cable Car Rescue Trail from the Big Budda to Tung Chung. About 2.2 hrs (about 8kms). Reasonably NOT flat walk, lots of up and downs, quite tough on the knees. Much better views of Hong Kong Airport and surrounding terrain. More on FB.

2nd hike completed

Monday 7th Mar
5th of March "March On" continues... hike no. 2 done of 8 planned hikes to cover the Kokoda 96kms.
Lantau Island - Tung Chung to Tai O, done in 2.5 hrs (about 12kms). Reasonably flat walk, little bit of up and down, with views of Hong Kong Airport and the Zhuhai/Macau bridge (or not, as the case may be).

1st hike completed

Friday 4th Mar
3rd March "March On"... hike no. 1 done of 8 scheduled HK hikes to cover the 96kms.
Wilson Trail Stage 2 (backwards), done in 1hr 45 mins (about 8kms), 622m total ascend...which is about 195 floors - yikes....seriously "leg burning" stuff.
Link below if you don't believe me..... Lantau Island hike tomorrow - about 16kms but fairly flat.

getting harder to March On in Hong Kong

Thursday 24th Feb
and i quote " People will have to wear a mask when they're in country parks or exercising outdoors from Thursday as part of tighter social-distancing curbs announced by the government"...."The government has said it plans to keep these measures in place until April 20".... hey-ho, survived worse conditions before.

the training rolls on...... in all conditions

Tuesday 22nd Feb
Saturday was awful, weather was shite, rained the entire day...but the band kept play'n!
Having said that, very happy to get 18-odd kms and a few ups and downs under my belt...just in time for the big event.....which starts next week!!
Once again, thanks to all those supporters and generous donators... means a lot me and my brothers and sisters out there.

First Team Hike

Saturday 12th Feb
Simon & I headed up to the top of Mt Butler on Saturday morning (5th/Feb)...first Team photo. Off to Lamma Island today for a couple hours/kilometers with Vicki (& friends). Only 3 weeks remaining until the Trek starts....

Feb 1st HK Island Hike

Tuesday 1st Feb
On my Pat Malone, Quarry Bay to Wong Nai Chung Gap Rd, Tai Tam

getting started...............

Friday 28th Jan
The challenge starts this weekend...well, the training does anyway :-)
Guess that means no more Espresso Martini's for a few months  - booo

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