March On for your workplace

Are you looking for a great way to engage your employees, get fit, and help prevent veteran suicide?

Now you can sign up your workplace for the virtual March On challenge.

Form internal teams and create some friendly competition between departments.

Join us as we March On to support and raise funds for Soldier On's life changing mental health services and programs so that our returned ADF members and their families can march on.

Register your workplace today!

1. Employee relationships improve when exercising together, encouraging conversations with colleagues they might not have otherwise had

2. Employees are looking for that social connection while working remotely - giving them this opportunity can improve employee engagement

3. Enhanced relationships can build an improved company culture which in turn, reflects in a postive way on the whole organisation

You can walk or run, anywhere and any time...

So get your colleagues together (in a COVID-19 safe manner of course) and take on the virtual March On Challenge with your workplace!

Just be sure to complete 96kms between March 1 and March 31.

Register your workplace today!